DB-based Surge Protectors – Avoid Expensive Replacements

Surge Protectors. Have you ever thought about what happens if lighting hits a utility pole near your property, or if a surge occurs because of load shedding or a power line breaking? The sudden increase in voltage, even if just for a few milliseconds, can damage fridges, freezers, computers, televisions, entertainment systems, lights, and more.

That damage can quickly exceed R1 million in damages, depending on the quantity and quality of equipment you have installed on your property. Thankfully, there are three ways to protect your property from all but the worst electrical surges.

The easy way

The first method is the easiest, and you can do it on your own without an electrician or any installations. Individual circuit surge protectors can be bought in most hardware stores, and offer some protection from an electric surge. These devices tend to look like a multiplug, with on/off switches for each socket. These surge protectors have a built-in grounding wire, and some of them will have an indicator light to show if they need to be replaced.

The issue with these systems is that they are designed to handle small fluctuations in power, and they can be overloaded and not prevent the damage. They also can’t protect those large appliances that are hardwired directly.

However, these systems are much better than having no surge protection at all.

The better way

The better option is to install a whole-house surge protector. This device is installed directly into your property’s distribution board. Once installed, your appliances are protected from any external power surge as all electricity entering your house passes through this system first. 

These hardwired devices are rated to protect against a 40,000 amp surge, which is much more than the plug-based surge protectors. This also protects hardwired appliances and works well to negate the brunt of large surges.

The best way

The best method is to use both of the above options in tandem. Even the best whole-house surge protector can allow some excess energy through (electricity loves to go where it wants to go!). If that happens, the remainder of the surge can be stopped by the plug-based surge protectors, which can prevent more sensitive and expensive equipment from being damaged.

Surge protectors

Properties can experience hundreds of surges a year without you noticing, as small surges can happen without any apparent damage. Then months later, suddenly an appliance won’t want to turn on and you won’t know why. This is why it is important to protect against surges, because they can happen often and are often invisible!

Prevention is a lot cheaper than replacing a whole building’s worth of appliances and electronics, so contact Sunburst Electric today about getting a whole-house circuit breaker installed. 

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