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Electrical Safety Services

Our Number One Priority
Electrical Safety

Electrical Safety is our biggest concern at Sunburst Electric. Our electricians are here to help make sure your home or business is as safe as it can be. Our expert electricians can help you with childproofing outlets, whole house surge protectors, wiring upgrades, and electrical safety inspections, just to name a few. See our additional services below, for your home and business!

Electrical Safety | Child Proof Outlets

Child Proof Outlets

Because there is no such thing as constant, uninterrupted adult supervision, child proof outlets protect your children and those of invited guests, preventing injuries and liability.

Electrical Safety Inspections

To identify and address electrical safety issues, a thorough and professional electrical safety inspection is needed. Schedule your free electrical safety inspection today with Sunburst Electric for a detailed, prioritized checklist of recommendations for your home.

Electrical Safety | Dedicated Computer Circuits

Dedicated Computer Circuits

Chances are your company can’t function without its computers. To avoid tripped circuit breakers or blown fuses, Sunburst Electric can install a circuit breaker that only controls your computer systems. That means that other office electrical appliances can’t take down computers when switched on.

Surge Protection

Power surges can happen in a flash, resulting from a variety of causes and ruining your expensive electronics. Protect the technology in your home from damage with the help of a whole house surge protector.

Electrical Safety | Circuit Breaker Replacements

Circuit Breaker Replacements

Sufficient electrical capacity is necessary for the proper function of electrical appliances or devices on a circuit without tripping a breaker or blowing a fuse. In some cases, circuit breaker replacement may remedy overload issues without the need for an electrical panel upgrade, effectively handling electrical needs and preventing electrical fires.