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Dedicated Computer Circuits

Computer Circuits

Is your workplace productivity impaired by loss of power to computers, or electrical surges? These are typical signs of overloaded computer circuits, which cause all those who are affected to feel unnecessarily stressed and negatively impacts work output. Worry not – these computer outages can become a thing of the past with a little help from dedicated computer circuits.

What Is A Dedicated Computer Circuit?

A dedicated computer circuit has its own circuit breaker in your business’s electrical box (i.e distribution board or ‘DB board’). This box houses various circuits and their protective circuit breakers, that are responsible for powering your building. A dedicated computer circuit is intended solely for use by your business’s computer systems – and no other appliances or electronics.

A dedicated circuit of this nature ensures that your computers and laptops are able to access a clean electrical line (without any electrical noise and distortion from other electrical equipment). New, heavy-duty computer equipment requires new, dedicated computer circuits.

The benefits of dedicated computer circuits include:

  • Improved productivity
  • Reduced “electrical noise” from other appliances
  • Lowered risk of electrical fires breaking out at your workplace

Professional Installation And Maintenance

Failing to install a dedicated circuit of an appropriate size could result in wiring overheating, which itself causes the insulation around those wires to break down – likely sparking an electrical fire. This is because your computers would be drawing more current than the shared circuit can handle.

Our professional technicians will determine the electrical needs of your business’s equipment, before selecting and installing the proper dedicated circuits required. This prevents safety hazards and protects your valuable equipment and data. Contact Sunburst Electric today for expert guidance with the dedicated computer circuits that your business needs.

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