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Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electrical
Panel Upgrades

Technology has advanced so rapidly that many businesses are now operating with outdated electrical wiring that cannot meet the needs of their modern electrical equipment. To further aggravate matters, when buildings are updated or renovated, contractors often re-use the existing wiring without updating it as well.

What Is An Electrical Panel?

An electrical panel channels electricity from the power utility company to the various spaces in your building, where electricity is needed. Electrical panels branch out into smaller branches, and those branches break down further into even smaller branches. This ensures that electricity is safely and evenly distributed. An electrical panel that functions properly is essential for running a business properly too.

Where is the electrical panel in my building?

Electrical panels can be easily identified; they are metal boxes that are often painted to blend in with the surrounding colour scheme. Note that if you are having trouble locating the electrical panel, it may be situated outside of the building.

How outdated electrical panels can negatively affect your business:

  • Causes flickering lights – distracting and disruptive
  • Causes breakers to trip often, or fuses to blow frequently
  • Causes electrical wires to melt
  • Makes it necessary to turn off one device in order to use another – inconvenient and disruptive
  • Defective circuit breakers may fail to trip, creating serious risk of electrical shocks, overheating and electrical fire
  • Presents a number of hazards to your clients, customers and employees, as well as to your property
Commercial Electrical Needs Are Unique

Commercial Electrical Needs Are Unique

Businesses make use of a wide range of specialised electronic equipment, which often involves using specialised outlets or dedicated circuits. Ensuring that your business’s electrical panel is not outdated plays an important role in safety compliance and makes for safer, smoother day to day operation.

When replacing your electrical panel will be most beneficial:

  • Crackling sounds are coming from the electrical panel
  • There is corrosion or rust on the breakers or electrical panel itself
  • Electrical service conductors are overheating
  • You find that you need to use multiple extension cords at once
  • You find that you need additional outlets or two-pronged (non-grounded) outlets
  • Your business’s computers are not on a dedicated circuit
  • You use electronic devices that do not operate at full power
  • You’re installing new equipment such as copiers, printers, computers, servers or projectors, which require dedicated or specialty outlets
  • You’ve renovated or added to your building
  • You require a 240 volt circuit
  • You’ve added or need to add a sub-panel
  • Your insurer requires you to upgrade your electrical panel

Installation and maintenance of electrical panels is dangerous and complex. Having a qualified technician undertake this job for you will ensure:

  • Your needs are met by a panel of the correct size
  • Your electrical panel and electrical system are safety regulation compliant
  • If necessary, a new/updated power supply or power meter is supplied by the electricity supplier before the new panel is fitted
  • Wiring is fixed or updated where necessary, keeping your electrical system safe and regulation compliant
  • Safe, appropriate materials are used correctly
  • You are taught by the technician how to read and understand your new electrical panel, often including a schematic diagram, for future reference

If your business operates in an old building, or you are concerned for some reason that your electrical needs are not being adequately met, do not hesitate to contact Sunburst Electric today. Our team of friendly, highly-skilled technicians are on hand to assist you with all your electrical requirements, including electrical panels.

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