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Earth Leakage


Most issues around power quality are the result of incorrectly configured electrical systems.

Keep an eye out for short circuits between neutrals and your grounding network, which often create disturbances in power quality, causing the devices connected to your power system to malfunction.

This problem occurs when part of the return current in the neutral conductor flows through grounding conduit and conductive parts of the building, and back to the service entrance. This current, called an earth leakage current, can generate a range of issues, including:

  • Creating noise in the electrical system that often enters devices’ grounding circuits, causing them to malfunction.
  • Strong, stray magnetic fields that may negatively affect the adjacent electrical equipment in your building.
  • Major voltage differences between separate grounding points, which could be extremely dangerous.

It is extremely important to protect the people in your building against possible electric shock. Electric shock can occur as a result of either direct contact with ‘live’ conductors, and via indirect contact (via metal enclosures during short circuit conditions).

Inadequate earth leakage protection exposes the people working in your business to the risk of electric shock, which poses a range of risks relating to sever injuries and even death.

Earth Leakage Testing

The Physiology Of Electric Shock

An electric current passing through the body will cause electric shock and / or electric burns. The strength of the current is dependent on such factors as frequency, voltage and body- and contact impedance. Another major factor affecting electric shock and electric burns is time, because the length of time to which an individual is exposed to an electrical current determines how much damage can be caused to body tissue and clothing, jewellery etc. and the extent of lasting damage once contact with the current is terminated.

Ventricular Fibrillation

An electric current can affect how the heart functions in its regular pumping of blood around the body. When disturbed by an electric current during a vulnerable period, the heart will fibrillate and cease to pump, causing blood pressure to drop, in turn cutting of the flow of blood to the brain. Failure of the heart to pump oxygenated blood to the brain causes death. This is why ventricular fibrillation is considered the main cause of death by electric shock.

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