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Electric Fencing

Electric Fencing


Electric fencing is a valuable investment, that protects not only your physical property from loss or destruction, but protects you and your loved ones as well. It is therefore important when selecting electric fencing, to ensure that you go with the highest quality materials available and that installation is done by a qualified professional. Contact us today for assistance with all your electric fencing needs.

How It Works

When a person makes contact with an electric fence, they experience an electrical shock. Touching an electric fence makes that person part of the electric circuit, for as long as they remain in contact. This electric shock is painful and potentially dangerous, which deters people from putting any pressure of the fence lines, such as when considering or attempting to climb over the electric fence.

Advantage Of Having An Electric Fence

  • Cost Effective – an existing perimeter with added electric fencing requires less materials and labour than brand new, regular fencing.
  • Simple Construction – fewer, lighter materials make electric fencing simpler and faster to construct than regular fencing.
  • Durable – materials used are purpose-built to withstand outdoor use and general wear and tear.
  • Low Maintenance

Sunburst Electric is on hand to assist you in making your property safer and more energy efficient. Contact us today; our team of professional technicians look forward to receiving your call.

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