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Extractor Fan Installation

Extractor Fan Installation

Extractor Fan

Extractor fans are a common electrical appliance that deserve much more praise than they get! By providing adequate ventilation to areas in a building that don’t have it, they make rooms a lot more comfortable, healthy and pleasant to be in. Exhaust fans (heavy-duty extractor fans) are extremely effective at ventilating overly humid and odorous spaces, such as industrial kitchens.

If you require an extractor fan for your business or if your existing fans are not functioning ideally, contact Sunburst Electric and we will gladly assist you with an extractor fan setup that suits your needs and budget.

Which Rooms In My Home Should Have An Extractor Fan?

  • Bathrooms (eliminates foggy mirrors and excess heat and limits mold growth)
  • Kitchens (dissipates cooking smells, excess heat and grease)
  • Garages (clears out unhealthy, potentially hazardous fumes,  such as from car exhausts, garden equipment, and stored chemicals)

How Do Extractor Fans Benefit My Building?

  • Rooms are less humid (such as bathrooms after showering or kitchens after cooking)
  • Spaces are more comfortable to spend time in and easier to clean because steam and grease are not allowed to settle
  • Less mold and decreased instance of mold forming
  • Odours and fumes are effectively diverted
  • Indoor air quality is improved overall
  • Damage to walls and organic materials such as wooden beams is prevented, because moisture and bacteria are removed
  • Longevity of paint and varnish are improved due to lack of excess moisture that causes it to peel or rot

Why Get Professional Installation From Sunburst Electric?

Kitchen Extractor Fan Installation

Electrical wiring and correct venting require the skills of a qualified electrician, because proper extractor fan installation is crucial for family and property safety. Did you know that extractor fans must be vented outdoors to work properly? Even when improperly installed, extractor fans that are not vented outdoors merely send excess moisture to a different part of the building, causing damage to wood and causing mold to grow etc. If your extractor fans aren’t clearing out moisture and odours as effectively as they are intended to, it may be because they have not been properly installed, or because they simply are not powerful enough and an upgrade is required.

Solve your Ventilation Issues with Prompt, Reliable Electrical Service from Sunburst Electric – When our team adds or replaces an exhaust fan, you may want to take the opportunity to upgrade to a multi-functional fan. Modern fans not only extract air, but many also include a lighting fixture and/or heating unit. If you have a bathroom (especially one without a window) or kitchen without an extractor fan, you’ll really notice the difference after one of our friendly technicians has installed your new fans. If your current fans are too small, underpowered or improperly vented, our electrical experts can install the correct units to solve the issue. Contact us if you’re in need of extractor fans or your existing units are not function as well as they should be. We will repair or install your fans properly the first time. Take advantage of our free home electrical inspection as well!

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