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Home Generators

Home Generators

Portable, Stationary Or Standby
Home Generators

Will your family manage without electricity if there is a power outage? Without a suitable home generator for times like these, you may literally be left in the dark.

What Can A Home Generator Do For Me?

Home generators allow you to more easily meet basic life requirements during a power outage, helping to keep refrigerators, freezers, stoves, lights, fans, yard equipment – and more – running until the power comes back on. Much like a car’s engine, home generators create mechanical energy by burning fuel to generate electrical power with the help of heavy-duty recharging batteries.

Home generators are handy in a variety of situations:

  • Blackouts/Load-shedding: times when there simply isn’t enough energy to meet demand.
  • Heavy storms: heavy wind, rain and thunderstorms that affect electricity supply.
  • Cable theft/damage to infrastructure: one of the leading causes of power outages in South Africa.
  • Natural disasters: such as floods or fires.

Different Kinds Of Home Generators

Portable Home Generator


Supplying power to a few chosen essentials such as lights and refrigerators, portable generators can be plugged into appliances using extension cords, or wired into a sub-panel by an electrician. These are less expensive, simple options for backup power supply in the event of a power outage.

These generators must be manually started to supply power during a power outage, and their operation must be manually maintained, i.e. by topping up the fuel tank. These units must be placed 3-5 meters away from your building, far from any windows or doors, and used in a completely open area with good air flow to avoid carbon monoxide buildup.

Stationary Or Standby Home Generator

Stationary Or Standby

Standby generators switch on automatically when the power goes out, preventing interruptions to your productivity. These generators are also fuel-powered. While standby generators cost more than portable generators, they are quieter and can supply power to everything in your building during a power outage. A standby generator must be installed by an electrician, including the installation of a transfer switch and sub-panel.

Size Really Does Count

In order to select a generator that will adequately meet your needs during a power outage, you must accurately determine the combined wattage of the essential items that you will need to run. It is therefore important to discuss these electrical essentials with a professional, such as one of our friendly Sunburst Electric technicians, to prevent buying an undersized generator, which will be overloaded at start up.

The power is in your hands; Keep your home running ‘business as usual’ during a power outage without hassle by purchasing a home generator. Get in touch with Sunburst Electric today, and we will assist you in selecting, purchasing, installing and maintaining the ideal home generator to meet your family’s electrical needs.

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