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Ballast And Bulb Replacement

Ballast And Bulb

Commercial ballasts limit the flow of electrical current to fluorescent lightbulbs, preventing them from becoming overheated and burning out. Our technicians specifically match lighting ballasts to the type of lightbulb being used.

Custom Lighting Design

Commercial fluorescent bulbs generate more heat and magnetic interference than those made for residential use. This makes proper installation very important, for avoiding fire risks or causing interference with your commercial electronic equipment. Enquire with our team at Sunburst Electric to evaluate your current commercial lighting setup. We may have options for helping you and your business to improve your energy efficiency and lower your operating costs.

These custom lighting types can both illuminate and transform your space:

  • Landscape and Security Lighting
  • Custom Lighting Design
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Recessed Lighting
  • Electrical Panel Upgrades
  • Landscape Lighting
  • Security Lighting
  • Parking Lot Lighting

Contact Sunburst Electric for all of your business’s specialty lighting needs.

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