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Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls


We are committed to sourcing and providing lighting solutions that are energy efficient, user friendly and of excellent quality. This is why we’ve introduced lighting controls to our range of lighting solutions; Lighting controls are an effective means for controlling your building’s lighting, while saving you money and lowering your impact on the environment.

Lighting controls have a range of convenient uses: Smart lights that turn on automatically when a person enters a room, and turn off automatically when the room becomes empty again, Remote-controlled lighting, thermostats, outdoor lighting, lamps and other small appliances – that can all be operated without ever needing to stand up and move to the switch.

Lighting controls benefit everyone, because they are convenient, efficient and economical, and provide an added element of security for your building.

  • Do you find it a nuisance, having to get up and down to turn lights and small appliances on and off?
  • Do you find yourself wishing you could turn the lights on or off without having to leave your bed?
  • Do you wish lights would turn on automatically when you entered a room, and turn off automatically when you left again?
  • Do you wish that you could preset your lamps, security lights, or holiday lights to come on at a specific time?
  • Do you ever wish you that could set the mood for your guests with the exact light intensity that the occasion requires?

Contact Sunburst Electric to learn about the lighting controls we offer, and have them professionally installed by our friendly technicians.

Lighting Control Stations

Lighting Control Stations make it possible to control a number of whole-house lighting scenes from one central point, giving you the power to create a variety of moods with the touch of a button, instead of going from light-switch to light-switch to achieve the same effect.

Light Timers

Light timers make it easier than ever to control your electricity consumption, and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Room Occupancy Sensors

Especially useful in bathrooms and bedrooms, Room Occupancy Sensors cause lights to turn on automatically when motion is detected, and to turn off automatically when motion ceases.  They are especially popular for use in children’s rooms, because children so often forget to turn lights off when leaving a room, or cannot reach the light switch.


Dimmers give you the power to manipulate the intensity of the lights in your home, according to your preference. Whether you want to dim the lights for a romantic dinner at home, or you want to brighten a room to see better while you’re working, light dimmers are the ideal solution. They affect the ambiance and warmth of a room and are energy efficient and easy to use.

Wired Lighting Solutions

Wired lighting solutions give you the power to control all the lights in your home from one stationary point, and are a great way to save time and electricity in your building. For example, wired lighting solutions make it possible to turn lamps, fans, holiday lights and other electrical devices on and off with a programmable, digital timer.

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