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Motion Sensors


As their name suggests, motion sensors respond to movement to trigger an action. Security lighting and room occupancy lights make use of motion sensors to create safer, more energy efficient spaces.

Outdoor Motion Sensors: The Security Light

Typically, security lights are fitted near the entranceways of a building, and activated by motion sensors to turn on. They are used most effectively when they are installed at all the entrances and exits. Motion sensors carry many benefits, for private homes and businesses alike:

They’re convenient

Arriving home to a dark house and struggling to locate keyholes in the dark is a nuisance, and can make one feel edgy and paranoid of even the smallest noise. By simple installing a motion sensor-activated light, this scenario can be avoided altogether.

They enhance security

Motion sensor-activated security lighting deters homes and businesses from would-be intruders. The sudden flooding of an area with sharp, bright light, will startle even the most hardened intruder.

They’re energy-efficient

Motion sensor-activated security lights are an added measure that insurance companies endorse, because they lower the risk of both burglary and accidents. This could not only reduce your insurance premiums, but also cuts down on the amount of electricity that is wasted when lights that aren’t motion sensor-activated are left on unnecessarily.

Motion Sensors Inside Your Home: Room Occupancy Sensors

Occupancy sensors are mounted like light switches; on ceilings or walls inside your home. They work by detecting movement and switching on in response, such as when a person enters a room. Then, after a set period of inactivity (i.e. when no movement is detected), they switch the lights off again automatically. Some sensors adjust light based on time of day, while others are made specifically for use in bathrooms and stairways.

Occupancy sensors offer a number of benefits, including:

They’re energy-efficient 

Occupancy sensors have shown to cut down electricity consumption by up to 90%, depending on the type of light used and the amount of foot traffic there is in that space. Occupancy sensors are fantastic for use in spaces that are intermittently or sporadically occupied, such as bathrooms and corridors. As a general rule of thumb, occupancy sensors work best in rooms that are usually empty for periods of time lasting 4 hours or more, and not in areas that are used often, such as kitchens.

They’re convenient

Motion sensor-activated lights make fumbling in the darkness or struggling with lights because your hands are full, a thing of the past.

They’re safe

By providing adequate lighting when it’s needed most, occupancy sensors enhance security and prevent accidents in spaces like stairwells and corridors.

They make life that much easier

We all know one; that person who never remembers to switch off the lights when they’ve finished using a room. Perhaps you are that person, and try as you might – you just can’t turn it into a habit. Occupancy sensor-activated lights will take care of the lights, so you don’t have to.

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