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Transformers make for safe and efficient handling of electrical load by adjusting incoming current and voltage levels. At Sunburst Electric, we offer custom transformer design and also install pad-mounted transformer units.

What Is A Transformer?

Transformers are electrical devices that control the amounts of voltage and current being dispersed, and are used to increase or decrease the current being transferred for safe and efficient operation.

Types Of Commercial Transformers

Liquid-Filled Transformers

  • Widely used
  • Can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on their fluid

Dry-Type Transformers

  • Offer a broad variety of industrial applications
  • Do not require expensive, lengthy cable runs
  • Cost efficient – lower maintenance and operation costs

Step-up & Step-down Transformers

Step-up transformers increase the amount of voltage being transferred, while step-down transformers decrease the amount of voltage being transferred.

Isolation Transformers

  • Make it possible to connect two appliances without power transferring directly between them
  • Typically employed in situations where isolating a piece of equipment from the main power source is safer

Toroidal Transformers

  • Unique – transfer electricity from one circuit to another with changes in the frequency
  • Use electromagnetic induction
  • Reduce losses, weight and physical size of switch-mode power supply

Custom Transformers

  • Are custom designed and built to meet your electrical system’s own requirements

Contact Sunburst Electric for professional assistance with transformers for your business.

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