How Automatic Generator Switchover means you’ll never be without power

An automatic transfer switch, referred to as an ATS, not only provides you with the ultimate in uninterrupted power convenience, but is also an import part of generator safety. If you enjoy spending time in your home with peace of mind, then read on. We’ll give you a quick low-down on why you should opt for an automatic generator switchover.

A generator purchase is a great investment to your home – especially in the South African borders, where power-outages are a common occurrence. What many homeowners don’t realise though, is that by purchasing an ATS, you will extend the life span of your generator, ensure that it operates safely, and add a level of convenience to your life.

We won’t bore you with the details of exactly how an ATS operates (for the science nerds who are interested in this, you can read more here), rather we’ll just provide a practical and high-level explanation. The ATS is a smart little device that monitors the power to your home (or business) and performs a series of really important functions when it detects an issue in power supply. When a power interruption is detected, it signals the start-up of the generator and shuts down the regular power supply source. The switch then monitors the delivery of power from the supply source and when it detects the resumption of power, it allows the generator to perform a cool-down of the engine and changes the supply of power from the generator back to your regular power supply source.

These changeovers require no intervention from you and will happen within seconds. Roughly translated, this means no running to the garage to fumble in the dark trying to get the ol’ genny started-up. It also means that the power load to your appliances is supplied correctly by avoiding power-surges upon power resumption. The switch does require a professional installation, which also ensures that any insurance that you may have associated with the premises is not compromised.

If the idea of protecting your assets, enjoying increased convenience, and staying safe appeals to you, then let Sunburst Electrical provide you with an obligation-free quotation and expert advice. Contact our national call centre on 087 55 11 000.

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