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How to Properly Light up your Office Space

Often poor lighting is one of the most common interior design mistakes. While poor lighting is sure to be stressful and annoying no matter what room you may be in, it can be especially problematic in a home office or in any business setting; in fact, bad lighting is one of the most popular complaints from office employees around the globe.

Natural Light

Improper lighting in the office can negatively affect worker productivity and the quality of the work produced. It can also be a safety and health hazard. Too little light can make it difficult to see, making it much more likely for accidents and injuries to occur. Headaches, fatigue and eye strain, like watery or burning eyes, may also be caused by too much or too little light.

So what is the right amount of lighting and what type of light source should you seek for your office building? Take these guidelines into consideration to help you decide.

First thing’s first, what type of lighting should you choose for your office? There are a few different options to choose from, and each type has its own specific purpose and its own distinct advantages and disadvantages. You can combine these various types of lighting to create a properly lit working atmosphere.

These types of lighting include

  • Natural light
  • Overhead lighting
  • Task lighting
  • Ambient lighting
  • Corrective lighting
Task Lighting

Look out for two types of glares, ¨Reflected glare¨, and ¨Direct glare¨. Common sources of reflected glare include extra glossy furniture and computer monitors. Light fixtures being in the wrong place or from direct sunlight are common sources that cause direct glare. Adding another light can help with either type of glare by increasing the brightness of the area around whatever is causing it. Corrective lighting is great for correcting the glare caused by computer monitors.

Make sure to note where light is poorly distributed. You will want to have an office or workspace that is uniformly lit. This is where the various types of lighting come into play, as each can help to fill a room in a balanced way.

Consider wall paint choices: You should definitely consider how the wall color of your office or workspace affects the lighting. Super bright or glossy wall paint can cause glare, so you may want to avoid choices that fall under those categories.

We hope you find these office lighting tips helpful to make your employees be the best and brightest they can be! You can request an electrician online today! Or you can call us on 087 551 1000 or WhatsApp us on 064 575 5271.

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