Interior Lighting Design Trends 2019

Lighting is an important part of any room, whether it be at home or commercially, interior lighting plays a huge part in the overall character of any room or space. What works in the living room will not necessarily work in the kitchen or the bedroom. Lighting designs are created to enhance the beauty of a home or space. We have taken the time to source the top 7 lighting trends for 2019.

1. Soft Gold Colour Temperature (2500K).

There has been an increase in popularity of soft colours, soft gold in particular. A soft gold light (2500K) attracts attention to specific corners of the room. However, the impact of this light will differ from room to room. This colour attracts attention as it is a warm and nurturing, it creates a comfortable and relaxing environment.


2. Retro and Industrial Styles are making a come back in a more refined form.

These lighting designs are popular for spaces that are used for hosting; like the kitchen, dining room, bar area or patio. You can even use the fixture itself as a piece of art on the wall or the centerpiece of your home.


3. Vintage Edison Style Light Bulbs.

Vintage Edison or LED filament light bulbs are best used for enhancing a retro/industrial style. They can help add some warmth and soft beauty to industrial elements. For maximum effect, get a system of lights rather than single bulbs.


4. Mid-Century Modern and Art Deco.

For a creative lighting style. Use these modernized lighting designs to add an informal slightly artful feel to space. Much like any decor, Art Deco lighting involves setting up one hero piece that is used to complement the others.


5. Less Clutter, Cleaner Lines.

You can work modern clean lighting into any space in your home whether it is the living area, kitchen or bedroom. Homeowners are now opting for simpler and cleaner lighting designs that fit in perfectly among modern decors.


6. LED’s are getting cheaper.

You can now get LED lights in multiple colors, strengths and shapes for so much less. Homeowners are changing to LED lighting for its money and power-saving properties. They are also a great choice when you need a unique design for your home.


7. Bigger is Better

Larger pendant lighting fixtures are becoming a homeowner’s favorite. Using larger fixtures requires a lot of care. For best results, use it in a central area where it can create the maximum effect.


We hope you find these lighting trends helpful to make your home the best and brightest it can be! If you are looking to follow any of these trends, remember, Sunburst Electric is your solution! You can request an electrician online today! Or you can call us on 087 551 1000 or WhatsApp us on 064 575 5271.
Have a look at the latest interior lighting designs from ACDC Express.

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