It is Time for a Backup Power Solution

Let’s not mince words. Load shedding is stressful and disruptive. We all hate it for ruining dinner plans, causing traffic jams, forcing us to go to bed early, or heading to work without a cup of coffee. Maybe you want to break free from the pain of load shedding, but you are worried about the price, or the wide range of options leaves you wishing you had paid more attention to DIY beyond how to wire a plug. We can help! We offer a range of backup power options to suit any budget and our friendly electricians will install the whole system, so you don’t have to worry about a thing.

Mobile UPS

We have written about our mobile UPS options before, and how they are perfect for anyone renting that just wants access to more electricity than Eskom is willing to provide. They might not keep your whole house powered for the length of load shedding, but you can at least finish your episode of TV, or finish that big presentation that is due tomorrow. You can keep several lights on for two hours, and you can take your backup power system with you if you move or go on vacation.


Petrol generators might be noisy, but they are less annoying than sitting without power all evening. Not needing batteries helps to keep the price down in this category, but you might need to go on a quick petrol run if you have your system running for a while. We offer three packages for generators, ranging from a 2kVA system up to a 6KVA generator. These backup power packages include the installation of the generator, including wiring of the system to a changeover switch. This means you don’t need to run an extension cord from your garage/ tool shed into the house each time you need to use the generator.

Solar power

The solar option is often overlooked due to its high price, but the system has several advantages, one of which is that there are very few costs beyond the initial setup. Once you have a solar system running, you will give Eskom less money per month as your power use in the day will make use of energy from the sun before tapping into the main grid. Currently feeding power into the grid might not seem that worthwhile, but we might also see better incentives come into play soon Revealed: Ramaphosa’s new power plan, which wants ‘to open floodgates of private generation’ | Fin24.

No matter your choice or your budget, we feel you should have an option to have power as often as possible, if not all the time. Visit to see all of our backup power specials. 

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