Our COC Process

From the moment you book for a Certificate of Compliance until we finally issue one, we have you and your family’s safety in mind with our COC process. While most people get a COC because they are planning on leasing or selling their property, we see it as a great way to keep track of when last you had your property’s electrical systems tested.

A COC is only valid for two years, making it a perfect gauge of when you last checked that your systems are in good condition. It is easy to forget that the wires and systems in your building aren’t built to last forever, and they work almost every day!

When a Sunburst Electric Service Professional visits your premises, they will ask if you would like to have a free safety inspection, this is the beginning of our COC process. This inspection is the same one that we do when you want to get a COC. During the inspection, the electrician will check the earth leakage, wall sockets, the wiring of the premises, that circuit breakers are working properly and easily visible. All DB connections are checked, as well as any wiring in the roof. Then the outside of your premises will be checked to make sure any outdoor electrical systems are waterproof.

Our COC Process

Once all visible checks are done, the Service Professional will run several tests to ensure there aren’t any issues hidden in the walls or out of sight. Plug tests and a short circuit test are done to make sure your Earth-leakage circuit breaker is working properly.

Any faults that are found are added to a list that we provide to you. We put the list in order of priority so that if there are several things to fix, you can break it down to get fixed over time.

Once everything has been fixed and tested in our COC process, or in the case that there are no issues found during the initial inspection, then the Service Professional will issue your Certificate of Compliance on that same day. We know how important your time is, so we make sure that you get your paperwork as soon as possible so that you can continue with leasing or selling your property.

To get a COC, why not book an appointment with us to see our COC process first hand?

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