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Who Is An Ideal Candidate For An Electrical Franchise?

It is a significant investment to start an electric service franchise. This is why at Sunburst Electric, we take great care in choosing who we will partner with.

Do you have the qualifications of a Sunburst Electric franchisee?

  • Values-driven: At every one of our businesses, our company strives to operate according to a Code of Values, reflecting our commitment to work with respect, integrity, a customer focus and having fun in the process. We want all our franchisees to be dedicated to meeting customers’ needs, and to delivering the excellent service that our brand is known for.
  • Passionate: We want franchisees who are motivated to succeed. If you have this drive, we have the systems in place to help you grow your electrical franchise.
  • Financially stable: Sunburst Electric is a low-investment franchise, but our franchisees still need enough capital to invest and sustain a prosperous electric service


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What About Licensing?

In some cases, an investor who has no industry experience or licensing can open an electrical franchise through our robust business system. If you are already a licensed electrical contractor or technician, then you may be abundantly qualified to own a franchise and expand your current business, whether you are a one-truck enterprise or a business with a dozen trucks and technicians.

What Does It Cost To Invest In A Sunburst Electric Franchise?

A full listing of prices is available in our Franchise Disclosure Document, which you can request today

Ready to learn more about opening a Sunburst Electric franchise?

Does one need to be an electrician to buy a Sunburst Electric Franchise?

No, you don't, however it is required that you have at least one electrician with a three-phase wire-mans license, who is able to sign off work.

Where do I run my business from?

You can run your business from home to start off. As you grow you may need to move to a bigger office.

Taking The
Next Steps

How To Open A Sunburst Electric Franchise Business

Whether you are a prospective investor, or a licensed contractor or technician, a Sunburst Electric franchise could be a successful business move for you. To find out if you qualify, and to gain in-depth information on what this investment entails, the first step you need to make is filling out a form to request information. Once your area’s franchise developer responds to you, the following process begins:

  1. Discuss your questions and goals with a Franchise Developer. Our Franchise Developers are prepared to help get your franchise off the ground, from answering your initial questions and helping you determine whether Sunburst Electric is a sound investment for you, to discussing a good location for a prospective franchise.
  2. Participate in Franchise Orientation. Held at our corporate headquarters in Edenvale, Johannesburg, all eligible candidates can participate in Franchise Orientation to become familiar with our brand and understand our technology and systems as well as build relationships with our Sunburst Electric support team.
  3. Decide if this is the right investment for you. As exciting as it can be to think of jumping into your own electrical franchise, take the time to evaluate this decision to make sure it’s a mutual fit.
  4. Get ready for opening! After you have bought an electric service franchise, you will get your first week of training, also held at our national headquarters. In this week you will get training from our experts on how to utilize our systems and process. This includes training on technology, finances, marketing, goal setting, and more. Finally, a Sure Start Consultant can explain the path to take to your grand opening!