Be Prepared: Have A Generator Installed

Since winter is just around the corner, there’s no better time to install a backup power generator. This step can help protect your home and family from a number of power-related emergencies. Learn more about how generators work, when they come in handy and the importance of professional generator installation.

How Generators Work

The purpose of a generator is to provide backup power when a blackout prevents the grid from delivering electricity to your home like normal. Generators work a lot like car engines. They produce mechanical energy with the combination of a heavy-duty rechargeable battery, fuel and engine. Then an alternator converts the mechanical energy into electricity.

Power generators come in two primary forms: portable and standby.

Portable Generator

A portable generator can be used to power select items in your home during a blackout. It’s most often powered by gasoline and requires refueling after prolonged use. To prevent carbon monoxide poisoning, a portable generator can never be used inside. You start the generator manually by pulling a cord.

A standby generator can be wired into a sub panel by an electrician or plugged directly into appliances with heavy-duty extension cords. It can only supply enough electricity to power up to four outlets or a few circuits when wired into a sub panel.

Standby Generator

A standby generator is permanently installed outside your home. Most often powered by petrol or diesel but can also be powered by natural gas or liquid propane in very rare cases, standby generators can run on local utility lines, meaning no refueling is required.

The best part about standby generators is they automatically sense power outages and turn on within seconds of the power going out. This seamless power transfer keeps your home’s circuits and appliances up and running like normal. Depending on what size of generator you install, you can choose to power just the essentials or every electrical system in your home.

When a Generator Comes in Handy

Anytime the power goes out – whether from a storm, an error at the power plant or another reason – your generator keeps the power on. This comes in handy in many ways:

* Keep the refrigerator and freezer running to prevent food spoilage.

* Power the air conditioner to keep your family comfortable during winter as well as summer.

* Keep the home security system up and running despite the power failure.

* Prevent power surges to electrical devices and computers.

* Keep the lights on so you’re not stuck sitting in the dark.

* Maintain access to electricity for crucial medical equipment.

Have a Generator Installed

If you decide an emergency power generator is right for you, hire a professional to perform the installation. The first step is to assess the load needs of your home to ensure you purchase a generator that meets your needs. The installer also assesses the logistics of installing the generator on your property. Building codes and noise ordinances play a role in where your generator should be installed.

Then there’s the installation itself. From positioning the machine properly to connecting gas lines and wiring the generator to the sub panel, installing a generator isn’t a task for rookies. Leaving the job to a professional ensures safe, dependable backup power when an emergency causes a blackout.

Sunburst Electric has all the skills and experience needed to calculate your home’s electrical load, recommend the best generator for your needs and complete a seamless installation on your property. You can trust our team to meet all local codes and regulations for an emergency power solution you can count on. To learn more about power generators, or to schedule your installation, please contact Sunburst Electric today.


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