Selling your House? Get a COC Now!

Are you in the process of selling your house? One of the things you need for the sale process is a valid Certificate of Compliance (COC). Even if you are just thinking about selling your house in the next two years, now is a good time to get your paperwork in order and ensure there are no hidden problems lurking in your electrical systems.

A COC is a document verifying that electrical installations such as the plugs, lights, DB board, geyser, and wiring in a home or business comply with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act. Without this document, you can’t market, sell or let a property. A COC is great for peace of mind, because it shows that: 

  • All your electrical circuits are functioning correctly.
  • There are no potential electric shock risks and fire hazards.
  • Your premises is free from any defective electrical work.
  • Your premises is correctly earthed and bonded.

A COC can only be issued by a qualified electrician with a Wireman’s Licence, accredited by the Department of Labour and who is registered with the Electrical Contracting Board of South Africa (ECB). 

It is worth getting a COC ahead of time because the time required depends on several factors. The size of your property, the number of electrical systems, and the extent of work required will influence the time a COC takes immensely. If one of our friendly electricians finds a fault, they will recommend what works need to be done to make the building compliant. If no faults are found, our qualified electricians will sign and issue a certificate.

Selling your house?

Not just when selling your house

Even if you aren’t selling your house, you will need a new COC if you decide to do any renovations or building work that will alter or add to the electrical systems. If your COC is still valid, a supplementary certificate can be provided after assessment for the additions and alterations. 

Keep in mind that a COC is only valid for two years, and it is recommended that it is always kept up to date, for your safety as well as those around you. Have one of our professional, qualified service professionals check your electrical compliance today!

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