Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC)

An Electrical Certificate of Compliance (COC) is a legal document stating that any electrical installation or maintenance done on a property complies with the legislated requirements as detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

If you are selling your property you will need a Certificate of Compliance for the sale to be processed. If you are a current property owner, you may not be aware, but you need a COC done along with any electrical installation or maintenance that has or will be done on your property. An invalid Certificate of Compliance can have serious consequences, in extreme cases the authority can also require the municipality to shut off the power supply to the property until the faults have been corrected.

Here’s how you can spot if your Certificate of Compliance (COC) is invalid.

1. When an electrician carries out tests for a residential main distribution board, the elevated voltage should be less than 25 Volts. If it’s more than 25 Volts, consider your COC as invalid.

2. When an electrician carries out tests on the main distribution board, the continuity of bonding should not read more than 0.2 Ohms. If it does, your COC is invalid.

3. The insulation resistance value should not be less than 1 mega ohms. It can either be 1 or infinity. Do make sure that this has to be stated on the COC.

Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC) 1

4. The operating of earth leakage units has to be between 15-30 mA (Milliamps), if it’s not within that range, then your COC is invalid. Do make sure this is stated clearly on your COC.

Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC) 2

5. A valid COC should have no corrections or alterations on it, if there is it’s considered invalid.

Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC) 3

6. The information captured on the COC has to corresponde (e.g date and the electricians details) failure to ensure that this is correct results in the COC being invalid.

Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC) 4

7. When compiling a COC, there should either be Yes or N/A under inspection and tests section. If there’s a No answer, consider the COC invalid. The report shall not be issued if  there’s “No” answers.

Spotting an Invalid Certificate of Compliance (COC) 5

8. It is very important for the electrician to sign the COC, if there’s no signature then it means the COC is invalid. Should there be any problems on the COC you can hold the electricain accountable, as their signature confirms that everything is according to the set standards.

Property owners/buyers should pay special attention to the comments made by the electrician on the Certificate of Compliance, if there are any. The law requires all owners of properties to have a valid electrical COC on hand at all times. This is because faulty electrical installations are life endangering and are also the cause of most house fires.

If you have any concerns or questions on Certificates of Compliance contact us for more information. Request an Electrician now if necessary!




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