Surge Protection 101: Go big or go home!

Surge Protection

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again:

You can never go wrong with surge protection!

Read our post for a quick Power Surge crash course.

Given the current loadshedding and electricity crisis in South Africa, power surges will be happening more frequently than ever. While not all power surges are caused by power interruptions, such as loadshedding, a fair percentage are. To add to the risk of surge protection is the rainy season across the Eastern side of the country. More summer storms means the risk of power surges caused by lightning strikes is much higher. 

This is where we come in. We have a relatively simple solution:

Surge Protection!

There are two types of surge protection, classified according to the scope of protection they offer. Small plug-in surge protectors only protect devices plugged directly into them. They don’t provide protection for critical electrical systems like your home’s internal electrical wiring and Distribution Board. 

We’re highlighting this point because well over half of all power surges are internal, meaning they’re caused by a fault in the electrical system they affect. To avoid these kinds of power surges (as well as external surges) the best solution is to install whole-house surge protection. 

There are various benefits of installing whole-house surge protection:

  • Your whole electrical system, and your individual plug-in electronics, will be protected
  • Power surge damage is cumulative, meaning it increases with each power surge. whole-house surge protection will spare your electrical system and electronics from any further surge damage. 
  • With surge protection you won’t have to worry about replacing electronics or repairing electrical systems due to surge damage. 
  • whole-house surge protection is affordable in its own right, but will also work out to be much less expensive than continuously having to pay for repairs and replacements of surge damaged systems. 
  • The surge protection system is easy to maintain.

Considering we’re experiencing loadshedding once again, be prepared for more power surges. We strongly urge you to consider installing whole-house surge protection.

We offer a range of Surge Protection installation services, specialising in whole-house surge protector installations. All of our service professionals are properly trained and qualified, fully registered, and knowledgeable about all things surge protection!

Contact us today for more information about how we can help you protect your home and appliances from power surges. We offer free quotations with no call-out fee. 

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