The Importance of Child Proofing Outlets

Child proofing

Babies and children are naturally inquisitive, which makes an electrical outlet in the wall look interesting and worth investigating. Every day children are treated for shocks and burns after inserting objects into electrical outlets—something that can be easily avoided by childproofing your electrical sockets.

Whether your child is just copying your actions and pretending to plug something into the socket, or they have found a new place for their toys to go exploring, there are ways to prevent electrical burns and injuries, even when you aren’t supervising them.

There are several options for childproofing your outlets, ranging from plastic covers placed over the sockets to a full conversion of your plug-points. The downside of store-bought options is that plastic plug covers can become a choking hazard once removed from the outlet, and it’s easy to forget to replace the plastic cover when the outlet is not in use. 

Sunburst Electric’s childproofing services ensure every aspect of childproofing is taken care of, We make use of specialised electrical outlets that are spring-loaded, with cover plates that hide electrical contact points from curious little minds and fingers. These spring-loaded cover plates are inexpensive and will provide peace of mind as you make your house a safer environment for children, without the added fuss of remembering to replace something when you are finished using an outlet.

These plug points are childproof while still being easily accessible. No special knowledge or equipment is required to operate them, just apply pressure equally as you insert a plug, and the protective cover plate will slide open. This makes it easy to use the outlet while ensuring that no keys, cutlery, or toys can be inserted.

Child proof outlets protect your plugs from foreign objects, while keeping your children safe from electrical burns and shocks, regardless of how curious they are.

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