The Importance of Replacing Circuit Breakers

Circuit Breakers

As time wears on, the demands we place on the electric circuits in our homes steadily increase. Smartphones, tablets, smartwatches and more have become a part of our daily lives, requiring frequent charging or a permanent home at an electric outlet. Individually, they might not seem like a big power draw, but the total keeps snaking its way upwards. Until the circuit breakers can’t handle it anymore, and the power trips.

As we add more and more technology to our homes, it might be worth giving the house an upgrade too. Depending on the age of your home, the circuit breakers might be old and outdated. Circuit breakers for bedrooms might be small, with electricians not expecting that bedrooms would become filled with smart devices, home cinemas, PCs and consoles. 

Why are circuit breakers important?

Power enters your house via the main distribution board, and it gets fed into the various circuits running through your home. These circuits might be for a specific room, or for the stove or geyser. Each circuit has its own circuit breaker, which is there to protect that circuit from power overloads and short-circuits.

If any of your circuit breakers is old or overloaded, you might notice blown fuses, power supplies tripping or dim and flickering lights. To prevent those expensive electronic items in your life from being damaged by electrical surges, you want circuit breakers to be running below their rated amps. In many cases, a small circuit breaker is an indication that small gauge wiring was used for that circuit and running too many devices could be causing strain to systems running inside your walls and ceilings.

Installing new circuit breakers can save you from losing data due to losing power to your computer or your internet router. They can also prevent the circuit tripping wherever someone plugs in one device too many. In a worst-case scenario, it can save your devices and even your home from an electrical fire caused by overloaded circuits.

We offer replacements

Here at Sunburst Electric, we offer free residential electrical inspections and we could assess your circuit breakers and the load on each circuit. We can install new circuit breakers, replacing old and damaged units to protect you from electrical fires and power surges. We can also check that the circuit itself is up to the load you require from it, for that home office or home theatre.

Contact us today on 087 55 11 000 and you can rest easy knowing that your home, loved ones and expensive devices are all protected from potential hazards. Say goodbye to tripping circuits and enjoy your home to the fullest.

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