What Does a COC Cost? Discover Why a COC Shouldn’t Have a Fixed Price

If you are in the process of shopping around for a Certificate of Compliance, you might spot that some companies offer them for a fixed price, so what does a COC cost? While it is completely possible that this business model works for them, we would like to note why we advise that a fixed price COC could be too good to be true, or could result in you purchasing a fraudulent document.

As a quick recap, a COC is a document that is valid for two years, notifying any potential buyer or lessor that there are no faulty electrical systems in the property. You can read more about a COC in this comprehensive blog post

What does a COC cost?

One price fits all?

Getting a COC involves a thorough inspection process by a licensed electrician. This involves checking the earth leakage, all wall sockets, the wiring of the premises, circuit breakers, and external electrical systems to make sure they are waterproof. If there are any problems, these have to be fixed and tested and only then can a COC be issued.

It is easy to see how this process can be completely different from one property to another. The size of the property, age of the electrical system, number of wall sockets and the main purpose of a property will all impact the time it takes to check all systems, and extensive problems or damage could cost a fair amount of money to rectify. On the other hand, a smaller, newer property could have little to no issues, so why would you want to pay the same amount as a commercial business does for the same compliance check?

This is why we don’t offer a fixed price for issuing a COC. There are too many variables in play, and we would rather make sure that the price you are paying is directly proportioned to the amount of work required on your property.

To use an analogy, it would be similar to a restaurant charging every guest the same price, regardless of what they ordered off the menu. We hope this gives you an answer to what does a COC cost? It just makes more sense to charge based on the work required, than creating a fixed price that covers the majority of situations.

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