What size and type of generator should I purchase?

The world of generators can be a daunting one. At times, the mere mention of Kilowatt Hours is enough to send us scurrying to bury our heads in the sand. We’re fairly confident that as a home-owner, you have at some point opened the dreaded electricity bill, tried to make sense of it, and were ultimately left scratching your head.

We’ve removed all the jargon, created a simple guide, thrown in a handy calculation link, and are ready to assist you with your generator purchase decision.

A generator is not an item that can be purchased on impulse, and requires a small amount of homework. Once this is out of the way though, you’re able to confidently approach your hardware store or call your local electrician superhero (on 087 55 11 Triple-zero) and we’ll do the hard stuff for you.

The dull stuff:
Consider which appliances you wish to power-up during a power outage, as well as which rooms you wish to have lit up during these times. Now refer to the appliance manual, the back of the appliance, or to the ever-trusted Google to find out how many Watts the appliance requires to start-up and operate.

Alternatively, you can take a look at this incredibly handy calculation sheet put together by the folks at Bundu Power: https://www.bundupower.co.za/downloads/downloads/Bundu_Power_Manual_Sizing_Sheet.pdf

The math stuff:
Now that you know just how much power your appliances require to start-up and run, you’ll need to add up the Watts required by each appliance that will rely on the generator that you’ll have installed in your home. If you refer to the handy calculation sheet that we’ve linked above, this is a piece of cake!

The fun stuff:
Now that you know just how many Watts you’ll require to power your home during a power outage, you can begin shopping like a pro! The generator that you select will need to at least meet your total Wattage requirement. We do however advise that you opt for a slightly stronger generator to ensure that you stay powered-up.

If you’re unsure, or still feeling a little [ahem] in the dark, then give Sunburst Electric a call on 087 55 11 000. We’ll guide you through the process and provide expert advice on purchase and installation.

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