Why You Should Be Using Insured And Licensed Electrical Services

Insurance. It’s a truly cringeworthy word. It’s impossible to exist without insurance of some kind or another (or multiple policies). There’s car insurance for when that person texting on his/her cell phone behind you in traffic doesn’t stop in time. There’s medical insurance for the resulting whiplash you suffer. And there’s pet insurance for the trauma counselling for Collosus – your teacup Yorkie who was in the car with you (pet insurance doesn’t really cover that, but it probably should).

It’s a grudge purchase which is – sadly – a necessary evil (or an evil necessity, you choose). Perhaps knowing that you aren’t the only one who resents the monthly fees may offer a small modicum of comfort. Companies have to undergo the same tedium of selecting insurance companies, pouring through pages upon pages of jargon and small print to find one which suits their needs.

Considering the amount of money required to fund all the luxuries and creature comforts that make life worth living, it’s understandable that you don’t want to spend more unless you absolutely have to. It’s tempting to dust off that handyman’s tool belt you bought at a sale on a whim and tend to the repairs yourself. And there are DIY videos aplenty on YouTube. So how hard can it be?

Firstly, don’t trust everything you see on YouTube. Not everyone is an expert (even if they say they are). Secondly, how much do you know about how electricity works? Did you have to Google “how electricity works”? Yeah, then you probably shouldn’t attempt serious repairs.

Why You Should Be Using Insured And Licensed Electrical Services

There are potentially lethal consequences to dabbling where one shouldn’t (we don’t want an orphaned teacup Yorkie, do we? He’s been through enough). An insured electrical service professional is fully licensed and trained. They are required by law to observe safety protocols and standards, with penalties for non-compliance.  Not only that, in the unlikely event of something going wrong, their workmanship is insured. 

Some home insurance policies also require that you only have work done on your humble abode by licensed electricians. If it is found that a fire or accident is related to work done by someone who was not a qualified and licensed electrician, it could result in your policy being voided. 

All in all, it’s a win-win situation. You avoid the risk of serious damage to your person and/or property, and the service professional’s workmanship is insured. Make sure to ask for an insurance certificate of currency when requesting electrical services. Trust me, they won’t mind. It shows due diligence, after all.

And in case you were wondering; yes, Sunburst Electric is fully insured. 

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