With a Mobile UPS, you can Avoid Load Shedding Without Breaking the Bank

Here at Sunburst Electric, we understand that every customer is different. Where you live, who you live with and how long you plan to stay are all big topics and for many of us, the answer is complicated and different.

Mobile UPS For Homes or Businesses

While everyone wishes they had a garage wall full of battery modules tied into a row of solar panels on the roof, there are many reasons why you might not be able to have this. Perhaps you live somewhere without a garage, or the roof isn’t suited for solar panels. Maybe you are renting and either you don’t want to install an automatic turnover system, or your landlord refuses to let you make any alterations.

But none of this means you have to sit in the dark twiddling your thumbs every time that load shedding hits. We have a range of mobile UPS packages that can move with you to your next apartment or your forever home, so you can keep the lights on until then.

If you want to learn more about the different types of Mobile UPS and its benefits, we have written about these handy devices over here. But if you are already keen on a backup power solution that is quiet, mobile, and doesn’t require regular maintenance, take a look at our various packages!

Our entry-level Mobile UPS package offers a constant supply of 600W, with a peak of 1200W. 1 12V 102Ah battery will give you two hours of backup time on a full load. For example, that could be your mobile charger, a fan, a TV, 10 LED lamps and 10 CFL lamps.

If you want to keep your office running long enough to save your work and get that last invoice sent out, then our intermediate Mobile UPS package is worth looking at. This system has a 1000W inverter, offering you a constant supply of 1000W with a peak of 2000W. You can either run a single 12V battery or stack up to 4 102Ah batteries to keep your devices running for longer. At full load on a single battery, you have 0.8 hours or 48 minutes of running your TV, computer with printer and fax, a mobile charger, 10 LED lamps and 10 CFL lamps.

If you absolutely need to keep the lights on, then our advanced package is the way to go. This Mobile UPS package includes a 2000W inverter and four 102Ah batteries, giving you ample time to run your entertainment system or computer through your load shedding slot or keep a whole room fully powered for a short while. A 2000W load is pretty substantial, letting you run a mobile charger, a fan, a TV, a computer with fax and printer, a home entertainment system, 10 LED lamps and 10 CFL lamps. You won’t be able to run this all for a full two hours, but it sounds like a much better use of the time to us than Eskom telling you to take a nap.

If you have any questions about our Mobile UPS packages or backup power in general, we are always happy to help. Let us help you find the right solution for your pocket and your specific needs. 

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